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An urban, outdoor arts retreat as a prescription for community health


by Ricardo Gomez of Deme5 + would not have been possible without Lauren Talbot, Mushen Kieta, Alfie Troche, Natalie Pereira, Amelie Talbot-Gomez. Thank you Arnold Johnson + George Chin. 

New Public Art Grants Focus on Spatial Justice Across Massachusetts

Congratulations to Radiant Jasmin, Will Justice, Leah Barrows who were awarded a NEFA Public Art for Spatial Justice Grant! 

The project title is Mural, Storage and Studio of Oasis @ Bartlett Station.

More information to come!  Announcement can be found here.

Oasis Survey 2020 Summary_210214.jpg

When completed, Oasis @ Bartlett is an active and vibrant community gathering place for celebrating every season.

The park is the neighborhood place to sit quietly and enjoy nature and the place for festivals, exhibitions, performances, and interactive participation, with a focus on supporting local artists, local audiences, and locally-based vendors.

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